BOOM: Dept. Store OWNS Angry Woman Demanding They Drop Ivanka’s Products


Liberals have been trying to get President-elect Donald Trump for well over a year, ever since he launched his presidential campaign. That didn’t work, so they’re going after Ivanka Trump.

The daughter of the president-elect, as you may have heard, has a fashion line of her own, and she has attracted the attention of the #GrabYourWallet movement, a boycott of not only Trump products but the stores that sell them. Unfortunately for the campaign, it got very publicly owned by one of the biggest retailers in America, Nordstrom.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, only two retailers — and Bellacor — have dropped Ivanka’s products. That hasn’t stopped campaigners from harassing retailers on social media and demanding they drop the line.

One of the retailers that carried Ivanka’s line was the aforementioned Nordstrom. Someone from the #GrabYourWallet campaign wrote them demanding that they drop Ivanka’s brand.

“I am writing because I find myself increasingly conflicted about supporting a store that carries any Trump brands,” the letter read. “My husband is Jewish, and we have faced unacceptable antisemitic hate speech from Mr. Donald Trump, his campaign, and his supporters to an extent I have never seen in my lifetime.”

No example of Mr. Trump’s antisemitism was provided, of course, nor any from his campaign or his supporters. However, that didn’t stop the anti-Trumper from accusing Trump, Ivanka and/or their brands of denying women maternity leave, copyright violations, raping and groping women and engendering “horrific sweatshop conditions.” (She said, likely writing on a computer produced in the same circumstances.)

“I cannot, in good conscience, continue to support a store willing to do business with a company that devalues me, my husband, and most Americans … Please do what is right and earn my continued loyalty,” she finished.

That entitled demagogic rant got struck down in just two tweets from Nordstrom’s.

“We hope that offering a vendor’s products isn’t misunderstood as us taking a political position; we’re not,” the Nov. 3 tweets read. “We recognize our customers can make choices about what they purchase based on personal views & we’ll continue to give them options.”

You can see the original tweets here:

You can almost hear the three implicit words that Nordstrom omitted: “Unlike you, idiot.”

Unfortunately for the left, it doesn’t look like the boycott is taking off. Perhaps it’s just as well, though. Remember what happened to Macy’s when they knifed Trump?

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