BOOM: Dem. Preacher Moonlights as Trump Sign Thief Finally Thrown in Jail


A Chicago-based preacher has reportedly been arrested for stealing pro-Trump campaign signs. Moreover, this preacher was the same miscreant who in March stormed the stage at a rally for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

According to DNAinfo, Rev. Jedidiah Brown set himself up for failure this time around by recording himself driving around several Chicago suburbs, flagrantly nabbing any pro-Trump signs he found.

“Oh my God, I’m sure I’m going to go to jail,” he accurately predicted at the start of his video. “But I think that this is my duty as a citizen of the United States of America.”

Wrong. As a citizen of the United States of America, it was his duty to protect the First Amendment rights of his fellow citizens — not intimidate others through acts of theft and/or violence.

Local authorities eventually caught up to him and arrested him for driving on a suspended license. Brown claimed that the cops were otherwise “pleasantly awesome” and allowed him to keep his stolen signs, which frankly made no sense.

“They said, ‘Aren’t you that guy who jumped on the stage?’” Brown claimed. “And they started taking pictures with me.”

Either he was lying, or the cops who apprehended him desperately needed a lesson on proper protocol, because treating a villain like a celebrity was highly inappropriate.

And Brown was indeed a villain. During a rally in Chicago on March 11, he stormed the stage. The rally was cancelled soon after due to violent clashes between Trump supporters and protesters.

The preacher was later videotaped throwing a punch at a Trump supporter:

Odd. You would expect a preacher to share the love of God, not go around stealing things and beating people up.

Apparently, however, this preacher has other, less godly intentions — intentions that Saint Peter will probably not appreciate.

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