BOOM: Brutal Meme DESTROYS Welfare Abusers

Brutal Meme DESTROYS Welfare Abusers

Though liberals would vehemently disagree, there is general consensus among conservatives and libertarians that the welfare state has grown out of control.

We of course understand and agree with the original ideal of providing a safety net for the truly less fortunate among us, as that is a noble and compassionate thing to do.

What we balk at is witnessing the steady expansion of the system to include some that don’t necessarily need a helping hand, and we are infuriated by the seeming lack of oversight that allows many within the system to abuse and defraud it.

For this, conservatives are often called heartless and uncaring by holier-than-thou liberals. But those arrogant liberals seem to overlook one important fact — we are the ones paying for this through our taxes.

brutal welfare meme

As the meme clearly states, it is the hard-working conservatives who pay their taxes and fund the growing welfare state, as well as everything else, and we don’t particularly care to see our hard-earned money being wasted on handouts to those who are undeserving.

Fortunately, many states have begun reaching the same conclusion and have taken steps to crackdown on waste, fraud and abuse in their respective state-level welfare systems.

Whether it be through work requirements to receive welfare, drug testing to determine eligibility, or even simply limiting what welfare funds can be spent on, these states are attempting to recognize and respect the taxpayers who make their generous payouts possible in the first place.

It would be nice if similar efforts were made on the federal level — and now that we have a president and Congress who are both from the same party and both have the same objectives, maybe we’ll see some movement in that direction.

Either way, it’s time for us to get back to work to earn more money for the government to waste.

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