BOOM: Basketball Great Malone Demands Americans Calls Trump “President”

Basketball Great Malone Demands Americans Calls Trump President

Retired NBA player Karl Malone, known as “The Mailman” for his uncanny ability to always deliver a great shot, tapped into his legendary past this week by delivering another slam-dunk shot — this one metaphorical — aimed squarely at liberals.

“Whoever it is, like him or don’t like him, but respect the White House,” he told Breitbart in an interview regarding those liberals who still refused to acknowledge President Donald Trump. “Respect the president of the United States.

He then stressed the need for liberals to stop judging Trump over some of the more inflammatory statements he made during the heated election cycle and start really getting to know him as a man — one who is a husband, a father, a friend and now a leader to many.

“Call him what he is — he is the president of the United States,” Malone said. “And I tell everyone out there that wants to protest and do all that, other countries are laughing. We are a laughingstock. Respect the White House.”

What a refreshing statement from a great man. Incidentally, it also mirrored the words of another NFL legend: Jim Brown, who, despite having voted for failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the general election, was more than willing to give Trump a chance.

“He won it fair and square,” he told CNN after meeting with Trump on Dec. 13. “He’s going to be our man for the next four years at least, probably eight. And he’s amenable to listening to people who did not vote for him.”

“I fell in love with him because he really talks about helping African-Americans, black people, and that’s why I’m here,” he added.

If liberals have any interest whatsoever in pursuing reconciliation with their peers across the political aisle, then they should take close note of the attitudes maintained by not only these two NBA legends but also businessman Warren Buffett.

“I support any president of the United States,” Buffett told CNN Thursday. “It’s very important that the American people coalesce behind the president.”

The fact that even Buffett, who was a die-hard supporter of Hillary Clinton during the election, was willing to give President Trump a chance spoke volumes.

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