Body Language Expert Says Trump Very Genuine With Netanyahu

Body Language Expert Says Trump Very Genuine With Netanyahu

The United Kingdom’s leading body language expert believes that President Donald Trump’s behavior during his news conference Wednesday at the White House with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signaled a level of genuineness not seen in his previous meetings with other foreign leaders.

“Here we see a very different Donald Trump,” body language expert Darren Stanton revealed during an interview on LBC radio. “There was a real genuineness from Trump that I have not seen before.”

Stanton described his observations, which are guaranteed to tick off the Palestinians and their sympathizers, who’ve gotten used to eight years of hostility between the White House and Israel.

Not only did Trump refrain from performing an overly dominant handshake, as he has been wont to do with other world leaders, but he also seemingly mirrored the Israeli prime minister’s posture out of what appeared to be a deep respect, Stanton said.

“Both men have the same posture, hands on the podium, and are facing each other — and at times Trump nods at certain points when Netanyahu is speaking,” noted Stanton, who is known by the British media as the “Human Lie Detector.”

“This posture we call ‘matching and mirroring,’ and can be seen with individuals who are in deep rapport and clearly have genuine respect for each other,” he said. “As Trump has had a previous friendship with Netanyahu, this is evident in their genuine respect for each other.”

Though this behavior might have appeared inconsequential to some, it actually bodes exceptionally badly for the Palestinians and their allies in the United Nations.

In particular, Trump’s demeanor Wednesday proves that, when it comes to Israel, he means exactly what he says. The United States and Israel might have disagreements over matters such as Israeli settlement building, but he will not force any “two-state solution” on the Jewish State, as noted by The Daily Wire.

In other words, the hateful Palestinians are simply out of luck, for the litany of concessions they were able to extract out of the Obama administration will not be maintained by Trump. Not by a long shot. A new sheriff is in town, and unlike the previous sheriff, he is a genuine friend to the Israeli people — and his behavior proves it.

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