BLM Organizers Ban Whites from Next Meeting

BLM Organizers Ban Whites from Next Meeting

For the past few years, the Black Lives Matter movement has been holding protests around the country — protests that sometimes turn violent — in an attempt to draw attention to what they describe as systemic police brutality against minorities.

Many of these protests have included a large number of white people who have come out to support the movement. The Black Lives Matter chapter in Philadelphia has decided to reward these white supporters by banning them from an upcoming meeting, The Daily Caller reported.

The Facebook post for the “April Open Meeting” specially stated that the event is a “black only space,” which means that no white people are allowed to enter. Or, one would presume, Asians, Native Americans, Inuit … well, you get the idea.

So, the organization that wants to do away with racism is now banning people on the basis of race from entering its meetings. That makes perfect sense.

“If you identify as a person of the African Diaspora You can attend our meetings and become a member. If not you can support us in other ways,” the Black Lives Matter Philadelphia chapter tweeted.

So, they want your money, they just don’t want to see your white face.

(Or maybe the “identify” part is just in case Rachel Dolezal wants to attend.)

“Diaspora” refers to those who were forcibly removed from Africa during the slave-trading years.

When confronted with the fact that Martin Luther King Jr. never banned white people from his meetings, the chapter dismissed it by saying that it had made its own choice.

“He made that choice and we have made ours. White people can support us but they cannot attend our meetings,” the group tweeted.

This deliberate exclusion of whites really shows everyone just what this organization is all about. They don’t really care about equality; they care about attention.

If a white organization posted something like this, there would be a tremendous outrage, as there should be. However, because it is the Black Lives Matter movement that is discriminating on the basis of race, the liberal media aren’t saying anything about it.

Black Lives Matter chapters around the country should condemn this chapter’s obvious racism and show America that this isn’t what they believe in — unless, of course, it’s what they do actually believe in. In which case, Americans of all race should condemn the organization in its entirety.

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