Ben Carson Just Sent Colin Kaepernick Some Brilliant Advice


Former Republican presidential candidate and celebrated neurosurgeon Ben Carson seems always to have an insightful approach to dealing with our nation’s issues.

Carson’s most recent advice was directed to controversial NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who has refused to stand for the national anthem at the beginning of football games, sparking a nationwide debate about justice, race, privilege and free speech.

The wise doctor, writing for Independent Journal Review, suggested that Kaepernick and the numerous others who have followed his example take a “pilgrimage to Fort McHenry in the Baltimore harbor” where they could “gain an appreciation for an important part of our national history.”

The story of Francis Scott Key and our national anthem, Carson argued, is a testimony to the “courage and steadfastness that gave birth to the esteem in which we should hold our flag and our national anthem.”

Those who use otherwise joyous occasions like football games and other public events to disrespect the symbols of our admittedly imperfect country should think about the millions of their fellow Americans who gave everything, including their lives, to protect their freedom express themselves in this “very divisive manner,” Carson suggested.

Carson then issued a challenge to Kaepernick: “(W)hy not use your time, talent and resources to really fight for equal opportunities for everyone instead of engaging in perhaps well-meaning, but practically useless, exercises that create division and resentment?”

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