Basketball Team Flaunts Shirts Requesting “Inclusion” Of All People Into United States

Basketball Team Flaunts Shirts Requesting Inclusion Of All People Into United States

A suburban Philadelphia high school basketball team has really turned some heads with its rather pointed warm-up jersey design.

The Lower Merion High School team — the Aces — wore shirts at a recent high school state tournament game with white lettering stating, “I am a Muslim. I am a refugee. I am an immigrant. I am an American. I am an Ace,” a statement apparently pointed against President Donald Trump’s “recent travel ban and other social movements that have caused many political demonstrations around the country and the world,” reported.

The team might not have intended it, but they put their school administrators in a difficult situation — should they support the team, it would appear that they are condoning a jab at the president at an official school function.

If they don’t, well, someone is going to complain it’s a violation of the freedom of speech.

Doug Young, the Lower Merion School District communications director and an assistant coach for team, told Wednesday that, “The district supports and respects our students’ right to express themselves and share their voices in an appropriate manner.”

There may be some play in what is “appropriate” here, especially considering’s report that there was at least one student who took a knee during the national anthem.

The team released a statement regarding the choice, which read in part:

“What we do want to convey as a full team is that no matter where you come from, no matter who you are, you should be welcomed, respected, and heard. As a team, we believe in fighting for the rights of all — protecting, defending, and giving voice to those who feel marginalized, who live in fear, and who face injustice.

“Lastly, we want to make clear our respect for those who serve and have served our country defending freedom and liberty. We are grateful for your contributions,” the statement said, according to

It’s hard to respect the men who have served the country while disrespecting the anthem of the nation for which they fought.

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