Baio Shows Wife’s Insane Nordstrom Bill, Then Says They’ll Never See That Money Again

Baio Shows Wifes Insane Nordstrom Bill Then Says Theyll Never See That Money Again

Now that Nordstrom has very publicly dropped Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, one conservative celebrity is very publicly dropping them.

In a series of Twitter posts, “Happy Days” actor Scott Baio showed his wife’s $30,000-plus Nordstrom bill and then said “NEVER AGAIN!” indicating that he would be boycotting the luxury retailer.

Baio has been a major supporter of Trump from the beginning of his campaign.

“He speaks like I speak. He communicates with people very well. I want him, as any one person can do, to go into Washington and blow it up,” Baio said in an interview last March.

Needless to say, his tweet caused a lot of kerfuffle on Twitter. And who doesn’t like kerfuffle?

Kurt Eichenwald — the liberal Newsweek pundit last seen in a cringeworthy appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show — claimed the company’s move against Ivanka was over sales and not a political statement on Nordstrom’s part.

However, Baio’s wife quickly pointed out why this was a rather unlikely explanation.

Then Trevor Noah — the man who is to “The Daily Show” what Capt. Edward Smith was to the RMS Titanic — decided to get in on the action.

It’s worth that pointing out that Noah, whose ratings have gotten to the point where they need to be viewed with an electron microscope, made those comments even as Comedy Central’s program director was likely drunk-dialing Jon Stewart, asking him for the sixth time this month if he was bored with retirement yet. Trevor Noah probably isn’t the guy to be going after Chachi.

Baio didn’t take long to respond to that one:

Noah, for those who aren’t in the know, is a citizen of South Africa. Perhaps not the least ham-fisted rejoinder Baio could have proffered, but certainly no less classy than calling Baio a cashier. (Most cashiers, it’s worth pointing out, don’t generally have thirty large to drop at Nordstrom.)

And that’s the thing that Nordstrom ought to fear: Of all the people who are vigorously cheering this decision, how many are regular customers of the store? And how many regular customers is the store going to lose?

Perhaps more than any other retailer, Nordstrom relies on close personal relationships with high-income individuals who spend relatively large sums of money in the store. Those relationships can’t be rebuilt instantly, which means even if more liberals decide to shop there, it’s not unlikely that Nordstrom will take a significant hit over the Ivanka kerfuffle (I do quite like that word).

Now, of course, they could just as easily lose liberal customers who spend those large sums of money by keeping Ivanka Trump’s line. There weren’t really any good options. However, what was likely the best solution was their original one: to carry the line and make sure America knew the decision was not political, and that the store was letting customers make their own decisions.

By very conspicuously dropping the line — doing everything possible, in fact, to publicize the dropping — Nordstrom made it clear they were either a) making a political statement or b) profoundly lacking in competent public relations staff.

It does bring up an interesting point, though: if the Republicans are really the party of the rich, as we’ve heard time and time again from the left, why would Nordstrom — the official retailer of Emily Gilmore — feel so comfortable offending them?

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