Assange Released Emails Before Internet Was Cut, Got Perfect Revenge on Hillary


On Monday, WikiLeaks claimed that the internet connection for its founder, Julian Assange, had been severed. Two days later, WikiLeaks activist Clark Stoeckley pinned the blame for the internet cutoff on the U.S. State Department, which he claimed supported Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“It seems to me that the State Department, who’s chummy with Hillary Clinton because she was the secretary of state (in 2009-2013), would try to control anything that might come out before this election,” he told RT in an interview.

The premise was that Assange’s internet had been cut because of Clinton, meaning she ultimately bore the blame for his dilemma. It was a bit of a conspiracy theory, but what was not conspiratorial was the epic revenge WikiLeaks has gotten on Clinton over the past few months.

Namely, the organization has exposed the Democrats’ endless corruption by publishing hundreds of hacked emails obtained from both the Democrat National Committee and Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.

The litany of lies and deceptions laid bare by the emails was enough to last an investigator a lifetime.

For instance, the emails proved Clinton to be a two-faced political hack who believed in holding two positions — a “public” one and a “private” one.

The emails also showed that Clinton and her husband accepted a $1 million donation from the Islamic dictatorship of Qatar in 2011 for their phony Clinton Foundation.

Moreover, one of the published emails contained a transcript of a private speech Clinton had delivered to Wall Street touting her dream of “a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders.”

Here’s the kicker: These three revelations were just the tip of the iceberg. Even after the election has long passed, reporters and investigators will still be searching through the emails looking for more evidence against the Democrat Party.

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