Assange: Clinton Is Pushing For A ‘Pence Takeover’ [Video]

Assange Clinton Is Pushing For A Pence Takeover

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange asserted Tuesday morning that Hillary Clinton and members of the intelligence community are plotting to replace President Donald Trump with his Vice President, Mike Pence.

On his personal Twitter account, Assange claimed that Clinton is “quietly pushing for a Pence takeover” because the vice president is more “predictable” than Trump, thus more “defeatable.”

He immediately followed up with a second tweet in which he claimed that two intelligence officials close to Pence stated that they are also plotting for a “Pence takeover.”

Assange wrote that his unnamed sources did not state if Pence agreed with the supposed plot, or if the vice president was even aware of the plan’s existence.

The WikiLeaks founder offered no proof to back up his claims. However, they appear to come in response to reports Monday evening that Trump had granted authority to the CIA to perform drone strikes against terrorists without cooperation with the U.S. military.

The Obama administration required all drone strikes against suspected terrorists to be conducted by the Pentagon, causing tensions between the CIA and the military.

On his first day in office, Trump rescinded that policy, allowing the CIA to conduct strikes without needing to cooperate with the Pentagon.

Assange called the president’s decision to hand power to the CIA a sign that “bullying, disloyalty & incompetence pays.”

Distrust of the intelligence community by conservative commentators has reached a fever pitch in recent weeks following Trump’s claim that his predecessor had ordered wiretapping at Trump Tower during the election.

Conservative radio host Mark Levin outlined the Obama’s administration’s efforts to seek and obtain authorization to monitor the Trump campaign during the election. He argued that Obama’s “police state tactics” are behind the various leaks that have damaged Trump during his first months in office.

Levin has called for congressional Republicans to investigate the “silent coup” by the Obama administration.

If what Assange says is true, that Clinton is working to replace Trump with his vice president, it would certainly add more fuel to the growing fire.

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