Arabic Translators Reveal Chilling Discussion They Heard German “Refugees” Having… Despise Christians


Hey, liberals: Businessman Donald Trump Jr.’s comments about the bowl of Skittles don’t seem so ridiculous now, do they? Trump drew the ire of the left when he spoke of refugees as a bowl of Skittles with a few bad ones — terrorists — that could be lethal.

Arabic translators in Germany report that Muslim refugees there are plotting to Islamize the country, according to The U.K. Sun.

A translator, herself a 1991 refugee from Eritrea, volunteers in refugee aid. To make a greater connection with Muslim refugees, she has not disclosed her Christian faith. What she discovered is sickening.

The translator attends Quran teaching and reports the same occurrence in refugee homes and mosques alike. She observes that once Muslims are among themselves, the conversation changes. Radically, if you will.

“Pure hatred against non-believers is preached,” says the translator. She encourages children to play together, but Muslim boys refuse to play with Christians.

She quotes Islamic women as saying, “We will multiply our numbers. We must have more children than the Christians because it’s the only way we can destroy them here.”

Refugee translators, nearly all of whom are educated German Muslims, routinely translate asylum applications into Arabic for other Muslims, but do not inform Christian refugees that they have that right also. Additionally, interpreters often add false information to Muslim applications to aid successful asylum, while omitting essential information for Christian refugees.

Muslim aid workers also intimidate non-Muslims in practical ways. When clothing is distributed, Christian names are called last, making sure Christians get leftovers or nothing at all.

In 2016 alone, 743 Christians have been subjected to Muslim attacks in Germany’s asylum system, according to a report released last month by Open Doors, an international research and outreach organization. The report points to widespread violence by Muslims with no recourse for victims.

Bottom line: Muslims intend to outbreed the Germans, outlast them, or kill off the rest. Let’s take this warning to heart.

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