Anti-Trumper Brit Hume Comes Around… Admits Trump’s Doing Right

Anti-Trumper Brit Hume Comes Around Admits Trumps Doing Right

President-elect Donald Trump has been working furiously over the past few weeks to put together a cabinet and fill the thousands of government jobs that must be filled as soon as he takes the oath of office.

While Democrats have been furious (of course) with what Trump has done during his transition, many Republicans who were in the “Never Trump” category seem to be warming to the man, including Fox News’ Brit Hume.

“You look at his cabinet choices. This is an extraordinary group of people, many of them highly qualified, many of them very interesting,” Hume said.

While this may sound like the generic praise Trump has gotten from Republican circles over the past month, it’s more significant because throughout the election Hume was quite critical of Trump.

“I think that he (Trump) has not insisted that they agree with him on everything. He said the other day when he was asked about things that (defense secretary nominee James) Mattis and (secretary of state nominee Rex) Tillerson have said … he said they didn’t have to do that, that he told them to be themselves,” Hume continued.

“I didn’t expect that from him,” Hume added.

Hume concluded by stating that other people needed to give Trump another look on the basis what he has done since Election Day.

This is huge news. If someone like Hume is finally coming around to Trump, that means that other “Never Trumpers” could possibly be warming to him as well.

While they are a little late to the ballgame, it is still important that they support him. Trump is going to need support from all branches of the Republican party if he is going to pass the sweeping reforms he promised on the campaign trail.

Trump has done wonderful things so far, and we have every reason to believe he will continue to help America once he is occupying the White House.

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