Anti-Trump “Resistance” Group Wants to Skirt Laws to SPAM 20 Million Phones

Anti-Trump Resistance Group Wants to Skirt Laws to SPAM 20 Million Phones

If you thought that persistent liberal activists were annoying you enough already, just wait until they get your phone number and hit it with anti-Trump spam.

During a roundtable discussion of liberal activists at Harvard University last week, the head of a major liberal organization said it planned to organize against Republicans and the Trump administration in the 2018 elections by “(getting) around all the existing ‘can’t spam’ and telecommunication laws” to annoy you with a message — provided you’re the right type of voter.

Debra Cleaver, founder and CEO of, was one of several major liberal leaders at a Tuesday event called “Leaders of the #Resistance” at the Harvard University Institute of Politics, according to the Washington Examiner.

Cleaver made no bones about the fact that if you’re one of 20 million first-time voters in 2016, her organization wants to spam not only your phone but also your Facebook and email accounts. She said this when asked how her organization planned to turn midterm voting into a habit for first-time voters.

“What we’re actually looking at right now … is how do you actually make someone a lifetime voter, like, how do you help them to move from voting as a hobby to voting as a habit,” Cleaver said. “And all available research — and there’s actually very little research on this — shows that you get someone to vote in a presidential election, and then you get them to vote in the very next midterm.”

And all available research — or at least Cleaver’s belief that you ought to be annoyed until you do what tells you — suggests that circumventing spam laws is a good (or at least irritating) way to accomplish this.

“What we like to do is just by everyone’s private data and directly contact them on their phones. So that is our first strategy,” Cleaver said. “We’re going to staff up and get around all the existing ‘can’t spam’ and telecommunication laws by hiring humans to send actual text messages.”

She also said they “will buy their email addresses, so we’ll hyper target them on Facebook. And then I’ll see if we can partner with Google so that we can also target them when they log in to their email.”

You can see her comments here, with the relevant portion beginning at around the 21:35 mark:

Yes, their brave strategy is getting around anti-spam laws designed to protect you from annoyance. Viva la #resistance!

I don’t know how I should react to this. Should I be annoyed that their strategy involves getting around anti-spam laws to win the 2018 midterms, or amused that their strategy is this bad? Both?

If your best plan to get liberals to vote in 2018 is spam, good luck, guys. You’ll need it.

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