Anti-Semite David Duke Endorses Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

Anti-Semite David Duke Endorses Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

For the past few days, the media has been in yet another feeding frenzy over President Donald Trump’s administration — this time over former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

As usual, the media has been too busy slamming the Trump administration to report on any of the real news, such as Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, a candidate for Democrat National Committee chairman, getting an endorsement from the former leader of the KKK, as the conservative Washington Examiner reported.

“Keith Ellison, Sally Boynton Brown or Jehmu Greene would all be excellent choices — I really like Keith though … I mean, at least he knows,” former Klan leader David Duke wrote on his Twitter page.

The “he knows” comment appeared to be a reference to allegations that Ellison, the first Muslim member of Congress, had defended people who made disparaging remarks about Israel and Jews and was associated with the Nation of Islam for a period of time.

So an anti-Semite just endorsed another potential anti-Semite to run one of the largest political parties in America, and the media is too busy quoting “anonymous sources” about alleged ties between Russia and the Trump campaign staff to even bother reporting it.

That’s journalism at its finest, folks.

Remember when Duke endorsed Trump, and the media jumped all over Trump for not disavowing him immediately? Think they’ll do the same thing to Ellison?

Twitchy noted that several people had reacted to this endorsement on Twitter, asking why the media wasn’t covering this shocking news.

CNN reported that while there was no evidence, yet, that Ellison had made any anti-Semitic remarks himself, his defense of those who have has raised some red flags within the Democrat Party.

“If you go back to his positions, his papers, his speeches, the way he has voted, he is clearly an anti-Semite and anti-Israel individual,” Haim Saban, a prominent Democrat donor, told the network.

Anti-Semitism is just plain wrong no matter what political party you belong to. If Democrats do select Ellison as their new DNC chair, they will find themselves alienating even more supporters and will continue to lose elections for many years to come.

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