Anti-Bully Advocate Wasn’t Shy About Bullying Melania Trump Himself

Anti-Bully Advocate Wasnt Shy About Bullying Melania Trump Himself

Gay activist Dan Savage has claimed to be an “anti-bullying” advocate, but apparently his beliefs about bullying didn’t apply if the victim was a conservative woman.

On his latest podcast, “Savage Love,” the liberal brutally attacked first lady Melania Trump, even going so far as to say he “hated” her, according to The Wrap.

“God knows there’s enough hate in the world, and I don’t want to add to the sum total, but forgive me, I have got to get this off my chest: I f***ing hate Melania Trump,” he said.

Savage also suggested that President Donald Trump “hates her too,” because he’s a “misogynist.”

The gay activist went on to chastise liberals who didn’t share his hatred of the first lady or who viewed her “as some sort of sympathetic figure.”

“The pretty princess in the tower locked up by the orange ogre with the bad comb-over, a princess desperately blinking out distress signals during swearing-in ceremonies and inaugural balls,” he said, mocking his fellow liberals who haven’t stooped to his level of indecency.

Many people, Savage argued, have admired Melania because they “think that the insides of pretty people match the outsides of pretty people” — something he said “definitely” was not true when it comes to the first lady.

“Mrs. Trump, Melania Trump, is as ugly on the inside as she is pretty on the outside,” he said, arguing that she wasn’t supportive of other immigrants, pushed the “birther” conspiracy theory, and plagiarized, according to Fox News.

So much for being against bullying, huh?

Of course, under the rules of liberal hypocrisy, bullying should only be noted as a problem when the target is another liberal.

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