Anti-Abortion Org. Kicked Off Radio in Washington, D.C.

Anti-Abortion Org Kicked Off Radio in Washington DC

With President-elect Donald Trump, a pro-life Republican, only a few days away from being sworn into office, the national debate over Planned Parenthood and abortion has been kicked into high gear.

Both sides of the issue are coming out with advertisements and campaigns arguing their positions. Radio station WTOP, based in Washington D.C., has attracted some controversy recently after they pulled a pro-life ad from the air, Breitbart reported.

“It’s a fact: Planned Parenthood is America’s largest abortion business,” said the ad, which was paid for by the Susan B. Anthony List. “Nearly a million abortions in the last three years. Its executives were caught on tape bragging about selling baby body parts.

“Under federal investigation, Planned Parenthood spent 30 million last election on political activism, not women’s health care,” it added.

The ad continued, urging that the funding used for Planned Parenthood be redirected to “community health centers” that will provide health care, but not abortions, to women.

As of Saturday morning, WTOP had not provided any reason as to why it removed the ad other than that they had received “complaints” from their listeners, Life Site News reported.

You can hear the ad here:

National Review noted that Mallory Quigley, the communications director for SBA List, claimed that WTOP wanted them to change the content of the ad, and when they refused the ad was pulled and they received a refund.

It is interesting that WTOP would simply pull this ad because a few people didn’t like what they were hearing. I’d be willing to bet good money that liberals have no problem with this ad being pulled — but when a bakery doesn’t want to serve a gay couple because of their religious beliefs, all of a sudden that is crossing the line of what private business is allowed to do.

While WTOP certainly has the right to pull the ad, they might want to have given consideration to the longer term — it’s leftist censorship like this that helped put Donald Trump in office.

Luckily for us, liberals rarely learn from their mistakes.

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