Ann Coulter DESTROYS Celebrity Reaction To Trump Victory… ‘Literally Shaking’


The past week has seen millennials cry, celebrities write lengthy articles about the doom of America and regular Americans roll their eyes in disgust at the left’s reaction to President-elect Donald Trump.

Ann Coulter decided to tackle these issues and wrote a lengthy article for her website, Ann Coulter, where she criticized the celebrities and millennials who are lamenting how broken they are because of the election.

“In Hiplandia, ‘I couldn’t stop crying!’ and ‘I vomited!’ are dispositive proof that Trump is a bad man — not that these people are mentally unbalanced. Their own paranoia is cited to show how evil their enemies are,” she wrote.

Coulter went on to point out the hypocrisy of many Democrats. They proclaim that everyone is racist, but they themselves take actions that fit into their definition of what a “racist” really is.

She pointed out how many of these Democrats who are now probably “literally shaking” thought they could demonize white America and get away with it. They never imagined that that sort of racist strategy would backfire big-time.

“Trump’s election is the Doomsday Scenario for Democrats because they were just on the verge of turning the whole country into California through mass immigration,” she wrote.

Democrats have turned into the party of insane people, and as a result they have lost touch with everyday Americans who just want to afford a nice house and send their kids to a nice school.

Trump isn’t the devil-Nazi-fascist-anti-everything person liberals are trying to make him out to be. He’s just a guy who wants to help America recover from the disastrous eight years we have lived through.

If that’s what liberals define as “hate speech,” then they need to go pick up a dictionary.

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