Anderson Cooper Takes Fire from Twitter After Running Anti-Trump Story

Anderson Cooper Takes Fire from Twitter After Running Anti-Trump Story

CNN is at it again. Wednesday night “Anderson Cooper 360” host Anderson Cooper decided to have his “Maddow moment” when he reported he had “new” details about the FBI investigation into the Donald Trump presidential campaign and its alleged ties to the Russian government.

He then introduced Pamela Brown and Evan Perez, who “broke” the story.

Brown said the FBI had information that “suggested” associates of President Donald Trump “may have coordinated” with Russians to “possibly” release damaging information about Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.


It didn’t take long for Twitter users to challenge the network for doing what it does best — reporting nothing.

Some people got straight to what was missing from the report, which was basically everything.

Others wanted to know more: A few facts would have been nice.

The only news was that CNN had no news.

Some just pointed out why nobody takes CNN seriously anymore.

And there are plenty of reasons why.

These responses indicate that mainstream media outlets cannot lie to the public and retain credibility like they used to do. Most thinking Americans realize when they’re getting handed something that’s not news — or simply a lie.

CNN should be ashamed that it had nothing conclusive to report about this “news,” but the network is probably too busy trying to dig up dirt on the president to realize how unbecoming its behavior is.

It’s embarrassing to see how the left continues to promote stories about Trump and Russia, even though there’s no evidence of collusion.

Everyone knows the mainstream media want to bring down the president in any way possible. However, with every misleading story they try to push on the American public, the more they risk losing whats left of their reputation.

Apparently that’s not much of a concern anymore — at least not to them.

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