Amy Schumer Blames Trump Supporters for Low Ratings of New Show

Amy Schumer Blames Trump Supporters for Low Ratings of New Show

Comic Amy Schumer has given us a quintessential example how many liberals deal with failure: They simply blame it on someone else.

Schumer, whose stand-up special, “The Leather Special,” debuted on Netflix earlier in the month with hundreds of one-star reviews, declared that the video’s low ratings were the result of internet users from the “alt-right” ganging up and trolling her.

She cited a recent article on SideSpitter, which claimed that a good chunk of reviews came from President Donald Trump supporters on Reddit.

In a post on Instagram, the “Train Wreck” star said the “alt-right organized trolls attack everything I do” and organized to get her ratings down.

I am so proud of my special and grateful to all the people spreading love on line about it. I am the first female comic who is selling out arenas all over the world and so grateful for that. I am embarrassed for the "journalists" who report on trolls activities as if it's news. It's indicative of administration right now. Anyone who reported that "viewers aren't happy" with my special, it would have been cool if you did a moment of research before posting. The alt right organized trolls attack everything I do. Read the @splitsider article. They organize to get my ratings down. Meeting in sub Reddit rooms. They tried on my book and movies and tv show And I want to thank them. It makes me feel so powerful and dangerous and brave. It reminds me what I'm saying is effective and bring more interest to my work and their obsession with me keeps me going. I am only alarmed by the people printing their organized trolling as "news" this is what the current administration wants. So this post has nothing against the trolls. I thank you trolls so much. It fills me with hope and power to see you all furiously posting so as always accuse me of whatever lies you want. Call me a whale. Call me a thief and I will continue to rise and fight and lead. I know who I am. I am strong and beautiful and will use my voice my whole time on this earth. Journalists do better it's embarrassing. Trolls see you on the next one! 😘😘😘

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It’s possible that some Trump supporters may have joined in on the fun to lower the ratings on Schumer’s special. After all, she has given them plenty of reasons to dislike her. However, for her to even begin to blame the poor score on political differences shows how arrogant this “entertainer” really is.

Schumer, a distant cousin of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, said the trolls only make her stronger. It’s too bad they can’t make her any funnier, because that appears to be the problem.

Schumer will probably also blame the alt-right for the poor ratings her movie received on the Internet Movie Database and Rotten Tomatoes because Trump supporters don’t have anything better to do than give her movies and books bad ratings.

The only thing funny about Schumer is her excuses, because they follow classic liberal logic when it comes to losing.

Take a look at how Democrats and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton handled the former first lady’s humiliating loss to Trump in the November election. They blamed — and are still blaming — the Russians, fake news, racism, white women, the Electoral College and even voter suppression for why Clinton lost, instead of realizing that perhaps the problem was Clinton all along.

Shumer can blame the alt-right for her failure, but by doing so she only points to how self-centered she is.

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