Amazon Echo Refuses To Answer CIA Question

Amazon Echo Refuses To Answer CIA Question

WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 document dump suggested that devices such as smartphones, tablets and other gadgets connected to the internet, regardless of encryption, could be tapped by the CIA. The CIA also reportedly can access cameras and microphones on devices that can be controlled remotely.

It’s disturbing to think that the government could be using our devices to spy on us at any time, but that is what these documents suggested.

Some people took it upon themselves to ask their devices, such as the Amazon Echo, who they worked for, and the responses are nothing but creepy.

One user asking Alexa if she was connected to the CIA and received only silence in response. Video was posted online, but before too long it was taken down:

Was that supposed to make us feel better?

Here is another user asking Alexa if we are currently being monitored by the NSA (until the black helicopters land at YouTube’s offices, anyway):

Of course it didn’t take long for Amazon to address the issue. International Business Times reported that Amazon released a statement explaining that Alexa’s initial hesitation to answering the question was a glitch, and now when users ask Alexa if it works for, or is connected to, the CIA or NSA, the reply is, “No, I work for Amazon.”

While some may think the government spying on Americans is a far-fetched idea, what isn’t far-fetched is how close Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is to the CIA. In 2013, he bought The Washington Post, and shortly thereafter The Washington Times reported that he “clinched a $600 million contract with the CIA. The contract was supposed to be a deal for Mr. Bezos and his web-based business to build the CIA a private cloud for intel data.”

In fact, that’s reason enough to be concerned about many things, with privacy being at the top of the list.

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