Amazing New Military Tech Will Turn Soldiers Into Super Snipers… ISIS BEWARE!

Amazing New Military Tech Will Turn Soldiers Into Super Snipers ISIS BEWARE

The United States Army is looking to boost the lethality of its soldiers at extreme ranges, and some believe that a new “smart” sight system may be the answer.

The U.K Daily Mail reports that the Ballistically Optimized Sight System, or BOSS, adds to a rifle a “host of electronic sensors to allow the sight to take into account the weather conditions when firing.”

The Daily Mail also reports that Army bosses claim that the new sight system can “increase the probability of a hit by nearly an order of magnitude at the most extreme range.”

“To improve sniper effectiveness, especially at extended distances, we need to find a way to increase accuracy by reducing aiming errors, and minimize the time for the shooter to figure out where to correctly aim his weapon,” said Regina Stonitsch, Assistant Product Manager for BOSS at Project Manager Soldier Weapons on the U.S. Army website.

“We believe the answer could be the BOSS Project.”

Firearms have evolved constantly throughout the centuries, but Stonitsch believes that the greatest improvement that can be accomplished isn’t an ammunition or rifle revolution, but improve shooter performance with the platforms we currently have.

“Since sniper rifle and ammunition technologies are unlikely to change considerably in the foreseeable future, we’re concentrating our efforts on developing a revolutionary fire control system that will provide a leap in shooter performance and likewise a big return on investment,” said Stonitsch.

This may not only be a boon to snipers, but may also serve as a massive force multiplier on the field.

“The BOSS is currently designed for snipers, but its technologies can be easily adapted to other small arms weapon systems,” Stonitsch said.

“It could be a game-changer for our warfighters by taking the guesswork out of aiming and making virtually anyone a marksman with the touch of a button.”

I can already almost hear the older snipers talking about how much better the “good ol’” snipers were.

If the Army decides to develop this weapon, it could be available to soldiers by 2020, according to the Army.

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