ALERT: Unarmed Jogger Attacked by Punks… They Quit After He Speaks Arabic

Unarmed Jogger Attacked by Punks They Quit After He Speaks Arabic

A Birmingham, England, man attacked by a gang of alleged Muslims ended up staving off the bunch by saying something that few people would be able say.

Lee Skinner, 38, told the U.K. Birmingham Mail that he was out jogging when a group of five Pakistani youths attacked him Sunday. One of the men punched Skinner in the face and then knocked him into a canal filled with freezing water.

He said that after he was knocked into freezing water that was over his head, he struggled to breathe. When he came up for air, the man who knocked him into the water was waiting for him with a look of pleasure on his face.

Skinner, a former language teacher, knew how to speak Arabic, and it was then that he decided to speak it. He believed that it saved his life.

“So in that moment I said something in Arabic — a Muslim declaration of faith. As soon as I said it, a look of panic spread across their faces. I then shouted in Arabic, ‘May God forgive you!’”

“At that moment they looked like a bunch of terrified school children,” Skinner said. It was then that the attack ended. He added that had he not said anything, something worse could have happened.

Skinner said that after he pulled himself from the canal, he confronted four of the men. The man who assaulted him fled the scene.

Skinner then did something more incredible: He spoke to the men about how actions like theirs had a negative effect on the Muslim community, reported the U.K. Daily Mirror.

“They said they were very sorry this had happened. They then walked off and I walked home,” Skinner said.

He also added that the gang of men admitted they attacked him because he was white.

Police made no immediate arrests and were investigating the crime.

This incident served as a reminder that our country needs a stringent vetting process. We simply cannot afford to let illegal immigrants cross the border without making sure they are not criminals and are willing to assimilate.

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