ALERT: If You See Someone Wearing a Safety Pin, You Need to Make a Quick Decision


Following the largely unexpected victory of President-elect Donald Trump, some liberals across America have seemingly lost their minds.

There have been angry protests and riots and violent assaults, but there have also been “cry-ins” on college campuses as grown babies seek a “safe space” to hide away from the brutal reality of life that has so rudely intruded upon their blissfully ignorant lollipops-and-unicorn-filled utopia.

But outside of a college campus or angry protest, it can be difficult for American citizens to know at a glance if other people they are interacting with are supporters or opponents of Trump, so anti-Trump liberals have devised a method by which they can identify themselves, according to Fox News.

Utilizing a safety pin on their clothing to signal that they are “safe” persons, these liberals are attempting to reach out in solidarity to those minorities who bought the media narrative against Trump hook, line and sinker, who actually feel frightened or threatened that Trump may do the monstrous things a hyperventilatingly hyperbolic media surmised he might.

Should you, as a Trump supporter, come across someone wearing one of these safety pins, you will have to make a quick decision on how to proceed.

Obviously, the easy answer is to simply keep one’s mouth shut about the election and which candidate you supported, which depending upon the situation could also be the smart answer as well, given what we already know about how some anti-Trumpers have been violently treating those they suspect of supporting the president-elect.

But such an occurrence could also prove to be a valuable teaching moment for some, where one could conceivably talk an anti-Trumper back from the proverbial ledge by sharing some truths that have been resolutely ignored by the liberal media with a narrative to maintain.

For example, to those concerned about Trump being a misogynist, one could point to Kellyanne Conway’s position in Trump’s campaign, and likely in his administration, as one of the most successful and now quite influential women on the planet.

Those who think Trump will harm gays and lesbians can be pointed to his countless statements in support of their community, his proud brandishing of a rainbow flag at a rally not too long ago, or his likely appointment of at least one or two openly gay men to his administration (PayPal founder Peter Thiel and former U.S. spokesman to the U.N. Richard Grenell).

For those black Americans who fear what a “racist” Trump will do to their communities, let them know that Trump has already signified an interest appointing at least two black men to be in his administration, Dr. Ben Carson and Ohio’s former treasurer and secretary of state Ken Blackwell.

Obviously, the list could go on as each specific minority and special interest group is addressed, but the point is clear: Trump will most likely not do all or even some of the horrible things he has been accused of wanting to do by his haters in the media and the Democrat Party, and the sooner everybody reaches that conclusion, the sooner we can all get on with enjoying America as it returns to greatness.

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