ALERT: Did All of These Protest Signs Come From George Soros and Bob Creamer?


Thanks to the efforts of both Project Veritas and WikiLeaks, it was revealed not too long ago that Democrat operatives with shady funding were behind the organizing of purportedly grassroots-led angry protests against then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Now that the election is over, protesters have once again taken to the streets in major urban centers to lodge their displeasure with President-elect Trump, again we are told due to spontaneous uprisings of angered citizens unwilling to accept Trump as the nation’s next president.

But anyone who has been paying any attention to the multitude of protests and riots at various points over the past year has noticed something awfully familiar about the recent rash of anti-Trump marches, that being the presence of obviously professionally-made signs at supposedly spontaneous events.

Indeed, just a mere glance at pictures of protests now compared with protests months ago reveals the presence of the exact same yellow-and-black signs.

A sign very much like those also appeared in the background on the wall of frequent White House visitor Bob Creamer‘s office in the undercover Project Veritas videos exposing Creamer’s manufacturing of anti-Trump protests and efforts at vote-rigging.

It should be remembered that Creamer and others bragged about hiring activists, professional protesters and even mentally-unbalanced thugs to antagonize, provoke and otherwise attempt to intimidate Trump’s supporters at rallies.

Protesters have also been spotted recently holding other obviously pre-printed and laminated signs, making it quite clear that there is some sort of professional organization behind the constant protests following the election.

While it is true that some of the rank-and-file protesters have taken to the streets of their own accord, likely due to buying wholesale the many hyperbolic lies told about Trump by the liberal mainstream media, there is also little doubt that those useful idiots are being organized and guided by rabble-rousing professionals with an anti-American agenda.

Hopefully these groups will eventually grow tired of their constant protests and finally accept the reality of the situation and just deal with Trump as president, much like the rest of us did vis-a-vis President Barack Obama for the past eight years.

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H/T The Gateway Pundit