ALERT: Obama Moves Fast to Bring Refugees from Australia to US


President-elect Donald Trump has promised that as soon as he is sworn in, immigration from countries where we cannot vet people will end — something President Barack Obama and his liberal friends aren’t too happy about.

In fact, Obama is reportedly using his last few months in office to bring in as many new refugees as possible — refugees that were rejected by Australia, Townhall reported.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley wrote a letter Thursday to Secretary of State John Kerry and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson in which he took issue with reports that Obama was going to admit thousands of refugees into America — refugees whom Australian officials had deemed unfit to enter their country.

“The individuals who will be resettled are coming from countries of national security concern. In fact, two of the countries are officially designated by the State Department to be State Sponsors of Terrorism,” Grassley wrote.

These refugees were reportedly coming from “Iran, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Sudan,” places where formal vetting is almost impossible to carry out.

“Finally, it begs the question (sic) why Australia and other countries refuse to admit these individuals, what other countries are doing to help alleviate the situation, what kind of precedent this sets for future refugees interdicted at sea by Australian forces and prevented from entering Australia, and how a similar situation will be prevented in the future,” the letter stated.

It appears that Obama is eager to bring in as many refugees as possible before Trump is sworn in. In fact, even the die-hard liberals at CBS News reported that Obama’s latest measures to help refugees was likely to inspire more refugees to flock to Australia, hoping for a free ride to America.

The New York Times noted that these refugees would be resettled “at Australia’s expense,” but even if Australia pays to move these people, they will still end up in America — and Americans would still end up paying for them one way or another.

Trump’s inauguration can’t come soon enough. Only after he is sworn in will America be safe because we won’t have to worry about unvetterd refugees pouring in from countries where terrorism runs rampant.

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