ALERT: Obama Makes Shock Commutation… Frees Cartel Leaders

Obama Makes Shock Commutation Frees Cartel Leaders

President Barack Obama has been spending his final days in the White House commuting the sentences of dangerous convicts, but one of his final commutations was even more disturbing than we have come to expect.

Four prisoners who were convicted of operating one of the largest smuggling cartels in south Texas had their life sentences commuted and will be released by mid-May, according to Breitbart.

Brothers Cesar Moreno Sr., Eduardo Moreno, Lazaro Moreno and Luis Moreno employed nearly 80 men and women who worked with Mexico’s Gulf Cartel to smuggle up to 750,000 pounds of marijuana into the United States during a 10-year period.

The convicts were working out of the remote border city of Roma, according to a press release by the White House.

In Roma, as in many places along the border, physical barriers and police resources are scarce, making it an ideal distribution point for a cartel to move large quantities of illegal substances from Mexico to major metropolitan areas within the U.S., such as Houston, Atlanta and Chicago, KRGV reported.

The Moreno brothers had reportedly used real estate and used car businesses as covers to launder millions of dollars in drug proceeds.

Of course, now that their sentences have been commuted, the Moreno brothers are free to go back to their border city and continue working with the cartels that threaten our culture, our laws and, most importantly, our safety.

The president must have known this decision would not be popular, as evidenced by his last-minute action. The recent election of President Donald Trump was partly a referendum on Obama’s inability to control our wide-open southern border and the consequences of illegal immigration.

The good news is that today we usher in a new era of law and order with a president who cares more about American citizens than about being politically correct.

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