ALERT: Mystery Objects in Calif. Night Sky Identified… We’re in Massive Danger


People on the southern part of the West Coast saw quite a sight in the night sky, as social media lit up with people across several states questioning the mysterious light that seemed to streak across the Wednesday night sky.

According to KTTV, that mysterious streaking light was initially attributed to a meteor breaking up by military officials at Nellis Air Force Base in southern Nevada.

However, that plausible explanation didn’t last too long, as a spokeswoman for U.S. Strategic Command offered up a much more sinister possibility for the streaking light.

No, the mysterious object cutting across the night sky wasn’t an alien UFO, but rather a Chinese-made rocket re-entering the atmosphere near California, likely just off the coast.

USSC spokeswoman Julie Ziegenhorn refused to say whether the re-entry of the rocket over the U.S. posed any threat to Americans on the ground, but did admit that USSC sees rocket reentries like this one from time to time.

What was believed to be a Chinese CZ-7 rocket was visible to people in California, Nevada and Utah, and was spotted shortly after 11:30 PM Central time.

Ziegenhorn declined to provide any additional details about the Chinese rocket, referring any further questions on the matter to Chinese officials.

This is actually rather concerning, and the deafening silence about this incident from the government and national media should raise some questions.

This rocket re-entry comes at a time when the Chinese have been flexing their muscles in the international waters of the South China Sea, which they claim as their own and where they have literally built islands for military use out of virtually nothing, implicitly threatening a major international trade route.

There has been some quiet pushback against Chinese activities in the area, and it is possible that this rocket launch and re-entry over the U.S. was a warning message sent by the Chinese, making it clear that the mainland U.S. is within range of their rockets, should our two nation’s tenuous relationship deteriorate to a place where rockets replace diplomacy.

We will certainly keep our readers posted if any further information about this incident becomes available.

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