ALERT: Intel Insiders Say Flynn Destroyed by Attack Used on “Enemies of the State”

Intel Insiders Say Flynn Destroyed by Attack Used on Enemies of the State

A group of America’s intelligence elite is stepping forward to confirm and clarify something we all suspect: That the relentless attacks on President Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn are an orchestrated effort from within the intelligence community.

Four former U.S. intelligence officials and two retired military officers spoke with the Daily Caller News Foundation. Among them, they have over 150 years’ combined experience in the highest levels of national security.

The group alleges that an ongoing concerted disinformation campaign waged by the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency and National Security Council is of a level typically reserved for enemies in foreign states, according to the Daily Caller.

That they may be using it to attack an American is despicable.

“This was a hit job,” said retired Col. James Williamson, a 32-year Special Forces veteran.

“I truly believe it’s orchestrated and it’s part of an overall strategy. The objective is to piece-by-piece, dismantle theTrump administration, to discredit Trump. This is part of an overarching plan,” he said.

He called Flynn’s resignation “stage two of ‘Kill Mike Flynn’.”

Stage one would have been in 2014, when former President Barack Obama fired Flynn, then director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, after Flynn’s refusal to downplay the danger of Islamist extremism, according to Business Insider.

“We’ve never seen to the extent that those in the intelligence community are using intelligence apparatus and tools to be used politically against an administration official,” retired Col. James Waurishuk, a 30-year military intelligence veteran who served at the NSC, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Frederick Rustmann, retired from 24 years with CIA clandestine service, alleged that the media is leveraging national security leaks in a desperate attempt to destroy the Trump administration, indicating that Flynn is just the tip of the iceberg, a “mini-vendetta.”

“[Flynn] happened to be the first scalp,” said D.W. Wilber, a 30-year security and counter-terrorism expert for the CIA and Department of Defense.

Retired lieutenant colonel and intelligence expert Tony Shaffer underscored this sentiment Thursday on Fox News, saying that holdover loyalists from the Obama years were like “tripwires” in the current administration, booby-traps just waiting to go off at the right time.

Another of the group called for CIA Director Mike Pompeo to clean house.

“If he doesn’t get a hold of the agency and its personnel, he can expect four years of this: clandestine, undercover disinformation, misinformation, psychological information to undermine this administration and this president,” said retired Marine Col. Bill Cowan.

Charles Goslin, 27-year CIA veteran, agrees.

“When Trump came in, even though they were able to staff key NSC positions, for the most part, it’s still staffed by previous administration holdovers and bureaucratic appointees,” he said.

These people, who are in a position to know, allege that America is being duped by a high-level propaganda campaign waged against our own president and his administration.

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