ALERT: Google Makes Huge Change That Will Damage Conservatives Everywhere

Google Makes Huge Change That Will Damage Conservatives Everywhere

Google is now telling its reviewers to flag content that could possibly be considered upsetting or offensive to its users, according to The Associated Press.

The review teams, known as “quality raters” according to Breitbart, already flag sites that contain pornography, but now the task has reportedly been expanded to posts that could be construed as offensive under the category “upsetting-offensive” — and that opens the door to all kinds of political mischief.

Although these flagged sites won’t be removed from Google completely, according to Breitbart, they will be lowered in priority so that “better” sites are featured first.

Here’s where it gets bad.

How many times have you seen, heard or read about someone describing all Trump supporters as racist?

Well, that’s upsetting, right? Under the new Google review system, material supporting the current president of the United States could well be flagged as “offensive” simply because a liberal “quality rater” disagrees with a political point of view.

And that, right there, is the problem. It is so easy to move from actual offensive stuff — pornography, actual racism, religious extremism, promotion of violence — to stuff that only is offensive to the reader, like voting for President Donald Trump and/or supporting his policies. (Or supporting any ideas that happen to be outside the liberal agenda of the moment — say, traditional marriage, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the list goes on.)

That’s just plain scary.

We have seen what liberals can do when they’re given the freedom to punish what they consider to be “offensive.” And it’s not good.

Stay  vigilant. Whether it’s the Conservative Tribune or otherwise, keep an eye on your Google searches. If you can’t find us on stories we run, let Google know how you feel about being manipulated; you can do that here.

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