ALERT: Final Obama Act Uncovered… $221 Million Taken, Given to Palestinians

Final Obama Act Uncovered 221 Million Taken Given to Palestinians

In his last weeks in office, former President Barack Obama took a number of actions that angered lawmakers on both sides of the aisle — actions that Obama could take only because he didn’t care what the consequences were.

In addition to abstaining from a vote that condemned Israel at the United Nations, reports have recently surfaced that in his final hours, Obama quietly released $221 million in aid to the Palestinian Authority, according to Newsmax.

Congress was notified of the shocking move on Friday morning, mere hours before now-President Donald Trump was set to take the oath of office.

The Associated Press noted that this $221 million had already been approved by Congress in “budget years 2015 and 2016,” however a few Republican lawmakers had placed a hold on these funds because of their objections to actions taken by the Palestinian Authority.

It should be stressed that what Obama did was not illegal; it was just slimy. Holds on funding are not legally binding, though they are generally respected.

Clearly, Obama didn’t feel the need to show Congress any respect in his final hours as president and decided to release as much money to the Palestinians as he could, under the guise that the money would be used for humanitarian purposes (which, if true, makes you wonder why he’d have to hide his acitons).

In addition to the money sent to the Palestinian Authority, Obama also authorized the release of $6 million in spending on foreign affairs. Of that $6 million, $4 million was earmarked for climate change research, and $1.25 million was set aside for “U.N. Organizations,” Fox News reported.

Aren’t you glad we finally have a president who is going to bring fiscal responsibility to Washington and stand with Israel?

Obama should be ashamed of what he did during his last days and weeks in office. Commuting the sentence of a terrorist and stabbing Israel in the back will now be remembered as Barack Obama’s true legacy.

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