ALERT: Amb. Says Russia to Exploit US Until January as Weak Obama Hangs on


Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton made an unsettling prediction for President Barack Obama’s last days in office, and it’s one that should have everyone paying attention.

In an interview on Fox News Tuesday, Bolton said that Russia might take “a lot of actions” before President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated, to take advantage of Obama’s weakness.

“I think that Russia will take a lot of actions before the 20th of January, as I think will other countries that see one last opportunity to exploit Obama’s weakness,” said Bolton, who’s a contender to be Trump’s secretary of state.

Bolton added that Russian President Vladimir Putin viewed Obama “quite correctly” as an “exceedingly weak leader.”

He went on to say that he thought Trump would be the opposite kind of leader.

“I think that will have two dramatic impacts on Putin. Number one, it’ll make him a lot more hesitant to try and extend Russian influence, and two, what may seem paradoxical but what I think is true, it’ll make Putin more inclined to cooperate, because he’ll believe that if he makes a deal with another strong leader, they both will stick to it.”

relationship that exists between the two nations.

The relationship is unsatisfactory due not only to Russia’s behavior, but to the naiveté and incompetence of the Obama administration, Bolton said.

Watch the interview below.

Let’s hope Bolton’s prediction that other countries might try to take advantage of Obama’s last weeks in office doesn’t come true. No one is certain what will happen, but Obama has done very little, if anything, to establish the United States as a strong and formidable opponent.

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