ALERT: These 7 Cities Want to KEEP Illegals… Do You Live Near One…


One of the hallmarks of President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign was his pledge to crack down on illegal immigration, most notably through construction of a more secure border wall and through the deportation of illegals who have committed further criminal acts while in the country.

However, a number of Democrat-dominated urban centers across the land have in turn pledged to resist Trump’s efforts by doubling down on their self-proclaimed status as “sanctuary cities” that won’t cooperate with federal officials in the enforcement of immigration laws.

While there have been numerous sanctuary cities, counties and states for several years under the non-leadership of President Barack Obama, there are seven cities that have distinctly reiterated their non-cooperative stance following Trump’s election.

Those cities are: Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle.


The purported leaders of these cities, both political and in law enforcement, have vowed to oppose the incoming Trump administration’s efforts at upholding federal laws, in effect choosing to protect criminal illegal immigrants over their own citizens and the rest of the country.

A Trump administration could attempt to bring these cities in line with federal law through the court system, but that could prove expensive and time-consuming.

However, there is perhaps a better, more cost-efficient manner by which these cities could be compelled to cooperate with federal agencies, and that is through the withholding of federal funds to those particular jurisdictions.

The Trump administration wouldn’t necessarily even have to cut off all federal funds to those cities immediately, but could instead roll out new targeted cuts to various funds in a stepped manner over a period of time, always with the offer that funds will be fully restored once the specific jurisdiction drops its opposition and begins to cooperate in upholding the law.

Money talks and BS walks, and it seems almost a certainty that these functionally bankrupt liberal cities will quickly change their tune regarding their “sanctuary” status once the funding they so desperately rely on for a number of things starts to dry up and go away.

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