Alec Baldwin To Extend Trump Impersonation Beyond SNL Stages

Alec Baldwin To Extend Trump Impersonation Beyond SNL Stages

Actor Alec Baldwin has revealed that he planned to take his Trump impersonation further than the stages of “Saturday Night Live.” The actor, who has been impersonating President-elect Donald Trump since last year, told ABC News that while SNL is a major time commitment, he will continue to “do it some.”

However, the more shocking admission was that he plans to do the impersonation at other venues.

Baldwin stated, “I’m gonna do it as much as I can … and there’s discussions about other venues we might pursue to further express our gratitude and admiration for the Trump administration.”

His cheeky response was just another low blow from a leftist celebrity aimed at the incoming president. Baldwin’s impersonations have become a staple in the weekly line-up of SNL and have gone on to spark anger from the president-elect himself.

Addressing the controversy that he stirred up with his horrible Donald Trump impression, Baldwin said, “It’s a type of thing that’s purely for entertainment. We’re not really influencing anybody’s political opinions here. We’re here just to have a good time and tell some jokes and have it be silly and fun for late at night, or later at night.

“It’s turned out to be one of the most fun things I’ve ever done,” he added. “I love it.”

Baldwin and his band of skit actors have made making fun of our next president a game, something that he admittedly loves to do. Liberals would be furious if someone was going around impersonating Barack Obama in the manner that Baldwin has impersonated Donald Trump — SNL rarely treated Obama with anything but a light-heared respect during his presidency.

The time to boycott Alec Baldwin is here. Luckily, given how non-entertaining he generally is, it won’t be much of loss.

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