Age 21 Father of TEN Makes Filthy Joke in Front of Judge Judy. Watch Why He INSTANTLY Regrets It

Age 21 Father of TEN Makes Filthy Joke in Front of Judge Judy Watch Why He INSTANTLY Regrets It

Judge Judy’s sassy manner of doling out comeuppance has been captivating TV viewers since 1996. Judy is simply unafraid to speak her mind, whether she’s stating her views on marriage, discussing her life story, or hilariously shutting down troublemakers in her courtroom.

Indeed, Judge Judy has no tolerance for nonsense. So when a 21-year-old father of ten decided to try cracking wise, Judy was quick to lay down the law.

The trouble started when Judy discovered that the young man was the father of ten children. Understandably, she was quite taken aback by the news, and asked the defendant to explain himself.

“Why do you have ten children?” asked a bewildered Judge Judy, to which the young father glibly replied, “I love kids.” The defendant then admitted another startling fact: His ten children were born to “about” four different mothers.

Judy took serious issue with the way that the defendant claimed his children had “about” four mothers. But when Judge Judy asked him once again to explain what he meant when he said that he had children with so many different women, he made a truly fatal error.

“About four of them, including, uhm, your daughter.” The ultimate faux pas.


Judy’s tone instantly changed. The 21-year-old defendant with the poor attitude had succeeded in wearing her patience down to nothing.

After a weak attempt to distance himself from his idiotic comment, Judy began tearing into the young father. “Let me explain something to you, fresh mouth. I’m the only one who makes jokes.”

The defendant just couldn’t help but make another inappropriate remark. Most people would realize that insulting the woman who is hearing your case would be a bad idea. Continuing to insult her, however, is an even worse idea: and this young man seems simply full of bad ideas.

“This might be your show, but this is my episode,” said the young father. If Judy had been incensed before, now she was absolutely livid.

What follows is a brilliantly ruthless shutdown of this man’s outrageous courtroom antics. As usual, Judge Judy leaves no more to be desired in her structured, hilarious takedown.

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