AG Sessions Tells O’Reilly Trump’s Leadership Saw a 60% Drop in Illegal Crossings

AG Sessions Tells OReilly Trumps Leadership Saw a 60 Drop in Illegal Crossings

In an appearance on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News show this week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said border crossings by illegal aliens were down by nearly two-thirds since President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

On “The O’Reilly Factor,” the attorney general said such crossings “are down 60 percent, just because of President Trump’s strong leadership.”

But border crossings were just part of the Trump administration’s policy on stopping illegal immigration, Sessions said, adding that they were looking at further ways to stop so-called “sanctuary” cities and counties from obstructing federal immigration authorities.

“We’re looking at other possibilities that would be detrimental to people,” Sessions told O’Reilly during the Thursday interview.

“Under the Obama administration, they sent out grant notices that required people to assert they’re in compliance with the laws and threaten cutting off of various funds if they didn’t comply,” Sessions said. “So, we’ll continue to pursue that and go further.”

Sessions added that “we don’t want to take any measures. We want to see these cities comply … I think a lot of these leaders need to hear from their constituents.”

Up until now, the main strategy the administration has pursued is promising to revoke funds from sanctuary cities. Sessions said the federal funds being withheld were “not going to devastate their budgets, we don’t have that much money that will be controlled. But it is a signal.”

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This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard of border crossings down significantly since Trump taking office.

Early last month, Department of Homeland Security Chief Gen. John Kelly announced “an unprecedented decline in traffic” coming illegally across the southern border, according to USA Today. At that time, he reported a decline as great as 40 percent in January and Feburary.

“Since President Trump took office on Jan. 20, we have seen a dramatic drop in numbers,” Kelly said at the time. “This trend is encouraging because it means many fewer people are putting themselves and their families at risk of exploitation, assault and injury by human traffickers and the physical dangers of the treacherous journey north.”

A further decline would be even better news for the administration — especially when you consider this is one of the main issues Trump was elected on.

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