ACLU Video Promotes Gender Bending Bathroom Laws

ACLU Video Promotes Gender Bending Bathroom Laws

The ACLU has come up with what it apparently believes to be a clever ad attacking Texas Senate Bill 6, also called the Texas Privacy Act, which would require biological men use men’s restrooms and biological females use women’s facilities.

The ad, entitled “Taking a Seat, Making a Stand,” was created by director Richard Linklater. The ad includes several people of various ages explaining how to fight the bill.

“We can stop the bill, but there’s only one way,” one actor said.

“You’ve got to roll up your sleeves, pull down your pants, and pee with LGBT,” said another.

“You’ve got to take a seat to make a stand,” said another.

One man wearing a cowboy hat said, “Because passing this bill discriminates against family and friends. And because we damn sure ain’t going to end up like North Carolina.”

This ad is horrible for more than one reason, not the least of which is because it’s using the iconic American cowboy, which has always been a symbol of ruggedness, in support of something perverse. A real American cowboy would probably rather give a transgender knuckle sandwich than share a bathroom with him. Or her. Or whatever.

Take a look at the video below:

This is the same kind tactic the ACLU has tried in the past to normalize something that most people think is a bizarre.

The truth is the there are many dangerous scenarios that could become real possibilities if transgender bathrooms and locker rooms become the norm. We’ve already seen how perverts use these kinds of areas for their own sick benefit.

Bathroom equality and gender neutral locker rooms are examples of the absurdity coming from the left in an attempt to make what they call social “progress.”

Whether intentionally or not, progressives fail to see the lack of common sense and public safety when it comes to such progress, and sadly, they will continue to fight for the “rights” of a tiny portion of society while the putting the safety of the rest of us at risk.

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