Abedin Weeps Alone Walking New York City’s Streets


After laughing along with Hillary Clinton on Monday, Huma Abedin cried alone Friday.

Abedin, whose professional career has largely in the service of Clinton since she came to the White House in 1996 as an intern, was openly crying through the streets of New York City on Friday as she went from her Manhattan apartment to the Brooklyn office of the Clinton campaign.

A reporter for the Daily Mail chronicled Abedin’s steps this way:

“The pain and emotion of the situation were clearly visible on the face of the long-time loyalist, despite the dark large-frame sunglasses that covered her eyes. At one point Abedin’s lip quivered and she wiped her eyes as she took the emotional journey back to work,” The Daily Mail wrote.

Abedin’s life as Clinton’s closest aide was shot to pieces 11 days before the election when it was revealed that 650,000 emails form her days at the State Department were found on a laptop computer belong to her estranged husband, former New York Congressman Anthony Wiener. Weiner’s affinity for sexting young girls triggered an FBI inquiry, during which the emails were discovered.

Abedin was suddenly absent from the Clinton campaign plane. Clinton, who had once referred to Abedin as a “second daughter” then referred to her only as a “staffer.”

Photographers who stalked her in New York City since the FBI’s announcement noted she rarely ventured outside of her apartment.

However, as Clinton completed the final leg of her campaign Monday, Abedin was back on the plane sitting with Clinton in her accustomed seat.

And once the stunning election results guaranteed Clinton’s presidential hopes were finished, it was Abedin who placed the call to the Trump campaign in which Clinton conceded the election.

Although the FBI announced Sunday that it had cleared Clinton of any possible charges, it is unclear if an investigation will take place into the fact that during the FBI probe of Clinton’s email scandal, Abedin told the FBI she had given investigators all of the devices that contained emails from her State Department days.

Further, as shown by emails exposed by WikiLeaks, Abedin was in the middle of communications between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. House Republicans have said they plan to continue to investigate the existence of a “pay-to-play” scheme involving the Clinton Foundation and the State Department, which would bring Abedin into the middle of future hearings.

Although the Clinton campaign office was open Friday, it is unclear how much longer it will be operating, or what job might be next for Abedin.

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