9-Year-Old Mini Trump Steals the Show at Pre-Inauguration Event

9-Year-Old Mini Trump Steals the Show at Pre-Inauguration Event

While covering President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Fox News Chief National Correspondent Ed Henry caught up with a young Trump supporter who stole the hearts of just about everyone there.

This particular supporter was a 9-year-old boy from Rhode Island who was decked out in a suit jacket, red tie, a “Make America Great Again” hat and a Trump button.

Henry took a moment to talk with the tiny Trump supporter, who said his family had made a long drive to be there.

“We got here Wednesday night, and the drive was eight hours,” the boy said.

When asked what he liked about Trump, the boy said it was mainly his positions on “immigration” and “taxes.”

There are a great many grown-ups who support Trump for the very same reasons.

Take a look:

The little guy also posed for a photograph. It doesn’t get much cuter than this:

There have been quite a few young Trump supporters over the past year, and this little guy proved that some people are still raising their children with some sense.

Trump spotted another youthful backer last year at a rally and brought him up on the stage. When Trump asked the boy if he wanted to go back to his mother or stay with him, the boy said, “Trump!” Needless to say, the boy became a viral sensation.

One little girl cried tears of joy when she realized she was going to attend one of Trump’s rallies.

We hope this boy had fun helping make history — it was fun being able to watch him. It’s especially refreshing to see a child act so mature when we have been bombarded with images of adults behaving like children since Trump won the election.

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