7 Soldiers Eat Lunch in Food Court. But Keep Your Eye on What Small Boy Does When He Walks By


We teach our children the importance of our military men and women at a young age. Our freedoms are owed to those who serve in the Armed Forces — past, present, and future.

Sometimes, seeing people dressed in uniforms can be scary or intimidating for young children. M.J. Markley has taught his 5-year-old son, Caidon, that we should thank men and women in uniform for their service.

The Washington, Pennsylvania family was eating a bowl of rice at the Crown Center Mall before catching a movie. The young boy noticed a group of soldiers sitting down for a meal at a nearby table.

He wanted to talk to them so his father let him know it was okay. What happened next caught everyone by surprise.

The little boy took it upon himself to walk around the table and shake the hands of each of the soldiers. His way of thanking them for their service.

“I said, ‘Go over and talk to them’,” Markley recalls, “So he goes over and shakes the one guy’s hand, the first guy, and then the next thing you know he’s going around the table. I’m like, wow.”

Sensing something special was happening, the father was able to catch the act on video (below). Thanks to the power of social media, Caidon has become an overnight star for his simple act of kindness.

Shannon Markley, Caidon’s mother, is proud and amazed by the reactions. “We’ve never had anyone in our family all over the internet like that before.”

The instant fame hasn’t fazed the boy, however. He just did what he was taught, thanks to his parents.

For Caidon, saying thank-you was only natural. He explained that he wanted to thank them “Because they make people safe,” adding that they protect us from “bad guys.”

We should all follow Caidon’s lead and be sure to thank the “good guys.” Their service gives us the privilege of living freely in the the United States.

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Source: liftable.com