60-Year-Old Muslim Marries 12-Year-Old Girl, Gives Her Horrific “Wedding Present”


Muslim men have been notorious for marrying shockingly young brides, and the sexual and mental abuse these young girls are put through is horrific.

For example, six years ago, in the Zari district of Afghanistan, a 60-year-old Muslim man married a 12-year-old girl to settle a debt between the families, according to Tolo News. The young girl was the man’s third wife, and after they consummated the marriage, he showed her that her life from that point forward would be a nightmare.

The girl, Samargul, is now 18 years old, and she has come forward with accounts of being brutally beaten over the last six years, risking her life, reputation and future by requesting a divorce from the disgusting man, Faiz.

The brave young woman said she obeyed her family and her pedophile husband for as long as possible, but that she could not take it anymore.

“I was ignorant, I didn’t know what was good, or what was bad, but now I want a divorce,” Samargul said.

However, her husband has no plans of letting go of his young bride, according to Rawa News.

“It has been six years since we married. She (Samargul) was with me and we didn’t have any problems,” Faiz said, who has also accused the girl of having an affair — something that can bring severe punishment, such as lashing or stoning, under Shariah law.

It is rare for a woman to be granted a divorce from her husband under Shariah law, as it requires the permission of the man — something Faiz doesn’t seem to be interested in giving.

For girls like Samargul, the only way “out” of the brutal marriage is to run away or take their own lives.

In recent years, international attention has been giving to these horrific situations going on in Muslim countries, and activists have been trying to find ways to help.

Fawzia Hamidi, chief of the attorney general’s Elimination of Violence Against Women unit, has been working to bring attention to Samargul’s plight. She hoped that Samargul’s case will result in legal action that could change the whole child-bride environment.

“In most of the cases of violence, local strongmen in districts and villages, who also have arms, interfere and don’t let the cases be made official and don’t let justice be carried out,” Hamidi said.

This situation is horrific, and the sad part is that Samargul is just one of millions of child brides around the world who suffer from rape and beatings on a daily basis.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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