52 Percent of Voters Approve of Trump’s Job Performance… Media Buries It

52 Percent of Voters Approve of Trumps Job Performance Media Buries It

Despite facing constant criticism from the liberal mainstream media, President Donald Trump’s image has continued to improve with the American people.

Specifically, a 52 percent majority of voters approved of the president’s job performance, according to a Politico/Morning Consult poll.

Rather than just leave it at that, however, Politico felt it necessary to add this to its report: “But, on balance, most polls show more disapprove than approve of the job Trump is doing.”

This, of course, was a perfect example of the constant smearing and criticism faced by the president. Yet, no matter how hard the media has tried to damage the president, he’s kept bouncing back.

For instance, a USA Today/Suffolk University poll conducted in early March showed that the president’s favorability rating ranked higher than that of the Republican Party, the Democrat Party, Congress and former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Guess who else the president outranked … the liberal mainstream media, by 8 points.

Take a look:

An NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll from last month delivered similar results, showing that both President Trump and the GOP outranked Democrats in favorability.

But the real kicker was a February poll from Fox News showing that a higher number of Americans trust the Trump administration over the liberal media.

“By a slim 45-42 percent margin, more voters say they trust the Trump administration to ‘tell the public the truth’ than the reporters who cover the White House,” Fox News reported.

Why might this be? Perhaps because the media have become so nauseatingly biased against the president that they feel it necessary to negate their own polls that undermine their “Trump is Hitler” narrative?

It is no wonder that in a late February poll, a 51 percent majority of Americans reportedly “rate(d) the media as too critical of Mr. Trump since the presidential election.” It is also no wonder that despite the criticism, Trump is still winning.

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