2 Boys Foil Perverts by Recalling 1 Thing Mom Taught Them About “Tricky” Adults

2 Boys Foil Perverts by Recalling 1 Thing Mom Taught Them About Tricky Adults

Adults don’t ask kids for help — that’s the lesson one mom taught her children that likely saved them from a horrific situation.

When Jodie Norton became seriously sick in May 2016, she drove herself to the emergency room and left her two sons, age 8 and 10, outside the hospital to wait for a neighbor to take them to school.

While they waited, three adults approached the boys and attempted to lure them into a bathroom under the guise of “helping” their friend who was “sick.” The boys, however, weren’t easily tricked, as they remembered the lesson their mother had taught them about adults who ask for help.

In a blog post about the incident, Norton explained that, in hindsight, she realized the decision to let the children sit outside the hospital without an adult was “stupid,” but she was in intense pain and thought her neighbor was only a few minutes away.

During their time alone, the boys encountered three “tricky people” — two males and an adult female who asked the kids if they would “help them out by going into the bathroom where her boyfriend was hiding from the doctor and see if they could convince him to come out and get treated.”

The oldest boy, CJ, told the stranger “no, thank you,” but the female persisted, telling them that they could potentially save the man’s life.

Thankfully, the boys had been warned about “tricky” adults and continued to decline the advances.

“CJ said he returned all three of their pleas for help with a ‘no, thank you,’ each stronger than the last, before they finally let up,” Norton explained in the blog post.

Of course, as soon as the adult neighbor showed up to pick up the boys, the male who was supposedly “sick” in the bathroom came out, got into the car with the other three perverts, and drove off.

When her son told her about the incident and his response, Norton felt grateful that she had warned her children about adults asking kids for help.

“Mom, I knew they were tricky people because they were asking us for help. Adults don’t ask kids for help,” CJ told his mom.

Norton notified the police about her children’s experience and surveillance footage from the hospital’s security cameras was pulled to help them locate the predators.

In the meantime, the mom hoped that her boys’ experience would encourage other families to discuss what to do in an uncomfortable situation like this one.

The world can be a dangerous place for kids. It’s best that they’re prepared.

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