10 Cases Of Voter Fraud… It’s VERY Real


Democrats have asserted that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s talk about a “rigged system” is “dangerous.” They also want the American public to believe that such thing could never happen, but the truth is that it is already happening, and we have proof.

The Washington Times reported 10 times when voter fraud had occurred, confirming Trump’s claims.

1. In 2006, an investigation revealed multiple incidents in which deceased residents in Colorado had voted in elections from 2006 to 2013.

2. In Virginia, 1,046 alien non-citizens were allowed to register to vote. This discovery was made only after the aliens went to renew their driver’s licenses and told authorities they weren’t citizens. The FBI also investigated the state after it received 20 applications to vote from people who were dead.

3. Some 700 residents in Pennsylvania might have been allowed to cast more than one vote last year.

4. Last month, the Pennsylvania’s secretary of state’s office mailed about 2.5 million voter registration postcards to individuals who were not registered voters but were licensed drivers.

5. Also in Pennsylvania, at least 86 non-citizens have been registered to vote since 2013.

6. Just this week in Tarrant County, Texas, there was concern about political operatives completing and returning other people’s ballots without their consent.

7. In Indiana, 56 counties were under investigation for vote fraud. Authorities believe there could be hundreds of voter registration cards with a combination of different fake names and addresses.

8. Three residents in Oklahoma were under investigation for voting twice in the presidential primaries.

9. In Franklin county, Kentucky, a man was indicted for multiple felony counts of election fraud in last month’s statewide primary.

10. Election officials discovered six cases of underage voters casting ballots in the presidential primary in Brown County, Wisconsin.

Liberals love to claim that Trump’s notion of a rigged system is somehow dangerous to voters, but the real danger to Americans is in Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton and her win-at-all-costs partisan cohorts.

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Source: conservativetribune.com