Young Boy Saves Girl From Kidnapping And Assault After Seeing Her Snatched Off The Street


Heroes come in all sizes, shapes and ages.

Take for instance 11-year-old TJ Smith, a boy whose heroic actions Saturday in Wichita Falls, Texas, helped save an 7-year-old girl from being sexually assaulted by an apparently unrepentant dirtball named Raeshawn Perez.

Upon seeing the unnamed girl be scooped up by Perez right in the middle of the street that afternoon, Smith immediately rushed to a neighbor’s house and alerted the occupants to what had happened, according to KFDX.

“Me and my wife were sitting on the couch and this young man he ran up to the door and told me: ‘Brad, Brad some guy just kidnapped this little girl,’ and the first thing that came to my mind, I took off out the door,” neighbor Brad Ware recalled.

Unable to catch up with Perez by foot, however, Ware quickly turned around and retrieved his vehicle, after which both he and his wife began the search anew.

Thanks to the help of neighbors, who pointed him in the right direction, Ware and his wife managed to track Perez to an abandoned home, where he again ran into Smith.

“He pointed behind the house, and said he went behind the house,” Ware later told KAUZ.

So the couple bravely rushed behind the house, only to find Perez trying to sneak the girl through a window.

“He took off running and I caught him in the street and kicked him in the groin when I had him and he squirmed off and ran across the street and as soon as he ran across the street, he hit the grass and that’s when I tackled him,” Ware added.

The authorities arrived a short while later, and that was that — all courtesy the quick thinking and bravery of TJ Smith and, of course, the Wareses. Smith has since received an Honorary Police Member badge from the local cops.

To meet this dynamic duo of heroes, watch the video below:

As for Perez, who reportedly told authorities that he abducted the girl because he wanted to have sex with her, he has been charged with aggravated kidnapping and was being held on a $50,000 bond.

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H/T U.K. Daily Mail