YES! Trump Press Sec. Drops Bombshell on Media… He’ll Go Around Them


The liberal media spent much of 2016 attempting to destroy President-elect Donald Trump, and they failed quite miserably. With Trump set to take the oath of office in a few weeks, the media has been squawking over how Trump might treat the mainstream media during his presidency.

Trump has made it clear he doesn’t like the liberal media, and that dislike became even more clear when the incoming White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, stated that Trump may use social media to talk to the American people directly and not rely on the media.

Spicer did say that Trump will undoubtedly do some news conferences, but he also said that Trump’s unprecedented use of social media could serve as a way to communicate with the American people and cut out the mainstream media’s leftist filtering.

“I think the thing that you’ve seen with Donald Trump is that he doesn’t, he doesn’t look to the past and say, ‘I’ve got to conform to these precedents,’” Spicer explained to talk show host Hugh Hewitt.

“And so maybe we do a series of press conferences, but maybe we do some town halls, Facebook town halls. Maybe we go out and solicit input from Twitter,” Spicer explained.

“There are also some new opportunities that we can be utilizing to bring more people into the process and have a conservation with the American people and not just limit it through the filter of the mainstream media,” Spicer added.

You can hear his comments here:

The liberal media will likely be upset to hear this — although it is unclear if they were more upset that their access to the president might be reduced or that they might lose their chance to twist Trump’s words in service of their narrative.

free press is in indeed vital to a democracy, but what we don’t need is a biased media that worships Democrats night and day but goes out of its way to bring down Republicans.

If the media wants to treat Trump fairly, then he will treat them fairly. If all the media wants to do is ridicule Trump and try to destroy him, then they are going to learn some very tough lessons.

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