Wyoming Bill to End Gun-Free Zones and Arm Teachers

Wyoming Bill to End Gun-Free Zones and Arm Teachers

President Donald Trump campaigned on a promise to defend the Second Amendment rights of every American and to do away with the much-ridiculed “gun-free zones” that have been the scene of too many mass shootings in America.

The state of Wyoming appeared to be embracing the new pro-Second Amendment president. Wyoming lawmakers have been considering a bill that would allow teachers to be armed while at school, the Casper Star Tribune reported.

The bill, which was approved on Wednesday by the House Education Committee, would not force schools to have armed teachers but rather would give them the option of having armed teachers — provided the teachers had concealed carry permits.

This would effectively do away with schools being gun-free zones in Wyoming.

WyoFile noted that while the bill did not have any provisions for training, it did stipulate that local school boards would maintain lists of who was carrying firearms, and it also provided special instructions for how the guns were to be stored on school grounds.

As of Tuesday morning, it was unclear whether this bill would be passed by the Wyoming senate, KGAB reported.

If this bill does pass, it could prompt a wave of similar bills across the nation. This type of pro-Second Amendment action is unlikely to be challenged legally by the Trump administration, given Trump’s comments about gun rights while on the campaign trail.

By allowing states, or even local communities, to make their own decisions about guns in schools, states regain some power from the federal government and are able to make their communities safer.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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