Wynonna Judd Has Epic Response to Ashley’s Disgraceful Behavior at Women’s March

Wynonna Judd Has Epic Response to Ashleys Disgraceful Behavior at Womens March

Hundreds of thousands of people turned out Saturday in Washington for what was ostensibly billed as a “Women’s March,” but what was in reality little more than a massive protest against President Donald Trump.

According to The Daily Caller, one of the more memorable moments from the event was when actress and author Ashley Judd took the stage to harangue the crowd about the supposed evils of Trump, reciting a nearly four-minute long “poem” titled “Nasty Woman,” a reference to Trump’s comment towards Democrat presidential rival Hillary Clinton in the final pre-election debate.

While the poem largely smears Trump as being a racist, sexist, bigoted homophobe, one line in particular caught everyone’s attention by seeming to insinuate that Trump has an incestuous relationship with his daughter Ivanka, labeling her as a “sex symbol” that fuels her father’s “wet dreams.”

The controversy stirred up by Judd’s remarks naturally spilled over via social media to the Twitter page of country music star Wynonna Judd, Ashley’s sister, who eventually responded to numerous questions from her supporters with several posts making her own positions clear, according to Taste of Country.

The elder Judd sister, who typically uses her social media to discuss music, wisdom and faith with her fans, posted a message that read: “A reminder for people visiting my site. For me, it’s about love of (music) & fellowship w/ fans. I don’t do politics on here.”

Judd continued to post inspirational messages throughout the day, messages which took on an increasingly patriotic vibe as they clearly displayed her unabashed love for the United States of America.

Eventually, as commentary regarding the ongoing situation continued to come her way, Judd posted: “I have supported my country for 52yrs, I’ve sung for 5 presidents, & I will support my country until I take my last breath.”

Though she admitted having grown tired of the “toxicity” found on Twitter day in and day out, and revealed that she had contemplated walking away from social media altogether, particularly following the dust-up stemming from her sister’s remarks, she nevertheless filled her Twitter feed to the brim the following day with countless inspiring messages of love and joy and patriotism, with a promise to continue doing so in perpetuity.

This is, at least partially, why Wynonna Judd has enjoyed a remarkably successful and long-lived career and is adored by her millions of fans.

Hopefully, some of her graciousness will rub off on her younger sister the next time the Judd family gets together.

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