WOW: Angry Mayor Says No More Immigrants… Then Calls in DUMP TRUCKS

Angry Mayor Says No More Immigrants Then Calls in DUMP TRUCKS

The mayor of an Italian town has had it with the number of migrants entering his country, and he came up with an innovative plan to keep them out.

Mayor Raffaele Scarinzi of Vitulano, which is in the province Benevento, ordered a pile of dirt to be dumped on the road that leads to a residence designated as a reception center for migrants, according to Republica (translation from Breitbart).

The center is part of a System for the Protection of Refugees and Asylum Seekers that can hold 12 people.

The mayor was fine with 12 residents in the center, but took issue when the government tried to move 34 migrants into the residence.

Scarinzi said the small community of Vitulano, which has a population of fewer than 3,000 people, simply cannot accommodate the extra people the government wanted to bring in.

“We are not racists,” the mayor said, according to The Italian Insider. “But we want the government to respect the rules; as we already host 30 refugees in our SPRAR center, we cannot welcome any more.”

“We were the only municipality that had a festival dedicated to refugees, included them in the football team and even involved them in a film that we shot here in Vitulano,” he added, according to the U.K. Express.

It’s amazing that the mayor chose to take matters into his own hands before things in his town got out of control with the immigrant crisis. Honestly, while some bleeding-heart liberals might criticize him, he’s only being proactive by trying to avert the kind of crisis many European communities have encountered since they welcomed migrants with open arms.

More towns need mayors like him who are willing to stand up to the government and say enough is enough.

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