WORSE: Media Panic Doubles After Lewandowski, Fiorina Eyed to Head up Trump’s GOP


The liberal mainstream media ought to have been very frightened, as President-elect Donald Trump’s team was reportedly considering asking former campaign chief Corey R. Lewandowski and former GOP primary nominee Carly Fiorina to head the Republican National Committee.

Speaking with the Washington Examiner, insiders claimed that the two would either be co-chairs or Fiorina would be made the chair and chief talking head while Lewandowski would be granted the role of executive director.

Regardless, the presence of the two in the RNC would be a devastating blow to the entire liberal media establishment.

Lewandowski was a no-holds-barred political fighter, while Fiorina was a fierce and fiery former business executive who knew how to achieve the results she desired.

Rumors were also circulating that the RNC’s current head, Reince Preibus, would be chosen to serve as Trump’s chief of staff, though some maintained that his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was better suited for the job.

“She seems like the most sensible and seasoned politico in his immediate orbit, she clearly knows what she’s doing by dint of Tuesday’s big win, she’s not prone to fire-breathing rhetorical excess, and she’s showed before more than once that she’s not afraid to cross Trump by criticizing him publicly,” wrote Hot Air blogger “ALLAHPUNDIT.”

Her only weakness was that she lacked the political expertise of Preibus, whose who first rose to national political prominence almost a decade ago in 2007, when he was elected chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party.

The bottom line was that big changes were coming to the RNC, to the White House and to the Republican Party — and there was nothing the lying, conniving liberal media could to stop it.

All the tricks and schemes they used to try to halt Trump’s rise to the presidential throne failed, and the man whom they most loathed was about to run the whole show.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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